Eat yourself younger!

Okay so here is the low down, certain foods like fruit and vegetables are powerful sources of radical fighting antioxidants.  Free radicals are the guys that makes us age, so eating foods that fight these guys are a must for those of you who want to stand their age well.  Check out recommendations below… Make sure to  follow my blogs for the foods that make you younger!


Eat and drink more

  • Foods full of vitamin C – fights free radicals and good for the complexion.
  • Eat Foods rich in Selenium to avoid those wrinkles
  • Eat Foods rich in Iron – good for the complexion and hair
  • Eat Foods rich in vitamin B range – maintains healthy nervous system and good for the brain.
  • Eat Foods high in Calcium – maintain healthy bones.
  • Eat Foods rich in B, C and E to maintain a strong immune system
  • Eat Foods rich in zinc to slow hair loss and promote growth.
  • Eat Foods rich in vitamin E to heal skin, prevent memory loss and protect the heart
  • Eat Foods rich in Potassium to lower blood pressure
  • Eat Foods containing omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids to keep the brain active and bring vitality to the skin.