A younger you !

Okay so here is the low down, certain foods like fruit and vegetables are powerful sources of radical fighting antioxidants.  Free radicals are the guys that makes us age so eating foods that fight these guys are a must for those of you who want to stand their age well.

grapes-saidaonlineGrapes are powerful antioxidants, there was a reason why they were the food of choice for all hospital visits along with the bottle of Lucozade!

They have astringent tannin, flavones and anthocyanins, which help prevent bad LDL choslesterold, good for preventing blood clots.  High in fibre: they are a natural way to cleanse the digestive tract.



Control Cholesterol


The good old avocado is high on monounsaturated fats which makes it a good food for lowering cholesterol.  It is also good for improving circulation.  Avocados are rich in folate so pregnant ladies tuck in, as it will help prevent birth defects.  Avocados help harmonize the liver and soothe the nervous system… check out the video clip on how to make  Guacamole.

The power of Spinach

Popeye’s was right!

Spinach as everyone knows  is a powerful source of iron  and chlorophyll therefore it is ideal if you are low in iron or if you no longer eat meat.  It is also anti-inflammatory and a diuretic.    Eat spinach if you suffer from night blindness, fatigue or constipation.  Its also great for the nervous system as it is jammed packed with the b complex vitamins